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    There are countless of postings about this but decided to post my own words on here

    First: Go under your apps and go to the ALL (settings>application manager>all. [just swipe over till you get to all]) page and disabled S Voice(not going into the app it self and turning it off), Samsung Push Service, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo News. Those are the apps that I've disable since i dont use them. This should help with battery life. Plus go under Maps and disable "report from this device" that way Google Now isn't sucking up so much battery from data loading and grabbing GPS when ever it pleases. That of course is if you don't use Google Now a whole lot but still don't want to turn the service off. I'm not sure what other apps are save to disable. I'm sure the Media Hub and some of the other Samsung things would be safe to disable but better to play it safe. Let me know what ones you've disable or some of the tricks that you have heard of.

    NOTE: Disabling Samsung Push Service was not my idea, is came from here. Also, my phone is rooted but you do not have to be rooted to disable some of the services or apps, but if you plan on removing some apps you should BACK THEM UP if you are rooted and what you are removing is a system app

    02-10-2013 05:59 PM

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