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    Well Saturday was a sad, sad day! I was out in the driveway checking some fluids in my car and came around the side of the car and my phone rang. I pull it out of my pocket and slip there it goes.. I cringed as I watched it slam the concrete driveway face first. I was hoping my Otterbox Commuter/Ultra Nano screen protector saved me but this was not so! Picked it up and noticed a very small hairline crack in the corner. I then tried to turn the screen on and the top right half of the screen is all jacked up. Its purple and the rest of the screen is now faded colors and purple tint. Touch screen will not respond. Also sometimes screen will not light up at all. I had no insurance so I had to bite the bullet and pick up another one lightly used of craigslist. How much would it cost to repair this one if possible and would it be worth it to resell or have as backup? By the way, the commuter case is too dang slick!! Thanks!
    02-18-2013 07:13 PM
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    It really depends on which carrier you have. You're looking at a minimum of $150 for the screen/LCD assembly that you have to have to replace it. If you have the s3 with Verizon, that will set ya back around $200 for the assembly. Hope that helps

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    02-18-2013 10:42 PM

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