1. PhilNam's Avatar
    On my S Planner settings I have ALERTS on and I have selected a ringtone. When I touch + to add a new appointment, the REMINDERS tab is ALWAYS closed and I ALWAYS have to touch it to open it otherwise I get no alerts. I compared settings to someone else's phone where the reminder tab is showing correctly and, even though I copied the exact same settings it doesn't want to work on my phone. I also changed notifications from 5 minutes to 1 minute to On Time. No change. This is a big issue as reminders with no notifications is useless and I shouldn't have to select it for each individual item.
    02-23-2013 02:59 AM
  2. crabbz's Avatar
    I think this changed in the Jelly Bean update. With ICS the default reminder would be active when editing the appointment. I noticed after the JB update I have to tap to add the reminder. Don't know if there is any way around it using s-planner. :-(
    02-25-2013 12:15 PM
  3. PhilNam's Avatar
    A bit of a serious downgrade if you ask me. Hopefully they will fix this soon.
    02-26-2013 07:06 AM

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