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    I've had my S3 a month, love so many things about it, but coming from Blackberry the battery life is driving me nuts (yes, I know, if you turn off everything it lasts longer, but why have it if you don't use it...). I found a well-reviewed extended life battery on sale at Gorilla Gadgets and I am wondering - once I have an extended battery, do any of the docks hold the phone? I have a Kidigi one I really like but am afraid it won't hold the phone anymore, and I was looking forward to using the phone as my bedside clock when my current clock dies... Does anyone have a dock/cradle that works with the 5mm or so of extra thickness from an extended battery? Does the battery only bulge out on the upper part of the phone so the dock I have will still fit? Thanks for any notes of your experience.
    03-01-2013 09:45 AM

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