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    I used to have a great accessory for my iPhone: the Gigaware microphone and track control. Basically, I could plug the microphone into my iPhone and then plug my headphones into the microphone.

    Now I have a Samsung Galaxy SIII. Based on the posts I see on here about the incompatibility of Apple and Android headsets, I take it there is no way to configure my old Gigaware microphone to work with my new Galaxy SIII?

    If anyone has a recommendation for a similar product that would work with the Galaxy SIII, that would be awesome. I would also be open to any headset that 1) has old-school headphones instead of ear buds and 2) is NOT wireless.

    I am looking to use my phone hands-free, as well as get the radiation away from my head (hence why I am not interested in wireless options). However, I would like to stay away from ear buds since they are so bad for your hearing.

    03-11-2013 04:39 PM

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