04-26-2013 01:40 PM
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  1. Alekh Jain's Avatar
    since you closed the download manager, you are facing this issue.. go to settings-> application manager -> all and scroll down to Download manager. Enable it and your phone will start working properly,.

    Unfortunately, this will start facebook (build 141046) again. Same thing happened with me. and I am still struggling with Facebook build issue
    03-20-2013 01:08 AM
  2. Matthew Sanders's Avatar
    and as soon as I restarted the phone its back. wtf
    03-20-2013 05:57 PM
  3. reshal jain's Avatar
    go to settings>applications>manage applications. Then switch to the "all" tab. Find download manager and force stop it.
    i tried it.
    But after few mins , same thing reappears.

    Pls help
    this has been going on since last 10 days
    03-28-2013 04:53 AM
  4. Wasi Ahmed's Avatar
    Useful solution is to stop download mamager. Thnx.
    04-11-2013 07:08 AM
  5. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    i tried it.
    But after few mins , same thing reappears.

    Pls help
    this has been going on since last 10 days
    Do you want to continue to use the Facebook app, or get rid of it? If you want to get rid of it, try the following. I don't know if it will work, so bear with me:

    First, uncheck the "unkown sources" option under Security
    In application manager, Clear data and cache for download manager and force stop. Then tap the disable button.
    Uninstall the old Facebook app.
    Re-enable download manager

    If you want to keep using facebook, your best bet is probably to just download the latest update from the Play store. But if you don't want the new version, try doing all of the above except the uninstall step. Or look at posts 31 and 32 in this thread for alternatives to the official FB app.
    04-11-2013 08:14 AM
  6. Larissa94's Avatar
    thank you so much mine has been doing this for the past 3 days and it is driving me nuts but now thanks to you it has stopped, so happy right now... you are a life saver
    04-26-2013 01:40 PM
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