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    Hi everyone I'm new to this and i hope it works so i cane get some much needed answers . My hubs and I are with straight talk and I'm looking into biting the bullet and buying a unlocked samsung gs3 to use on my straight talk plan.. I'm completely lost as to how to go about ghis whole thing and I'm in no way up ti date on the technology and fancy terms lol. the cell phone people at walmart have no clue and anyone we ask just look as confused as we are. so here are my ?s for everyone to hopefully shine some light on my ordeal . 1) what version of the gs3 do i get the international or US one. 2)what type of sim card do i need to purchase or does it not matter? 3)does it matter what type of unlocked Samsung gs3do I need to get like does it have to be att or tmobile oor does it not matter what it is since I'm just buying off the internet and its unlocked. sorry for the stupid questions but I'm completely lost and before I spend a fortune I want to know what I'm doing. thanks
    03-14-2013 02:13 PM
  2. whatsitsname's Avatar
    You need to find out from straight talk which network are you using, AT&T or T-Mobile. If AT&T you can pretty much buy any unlock phone. On T-Mobile you should get the T-Mobile version of the galaxy s3 as only these have the proper frequencies for high speed data.

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    03-14-2013 03:36 PM
  3. morton8683's Avatar
    Thank you so much for the reply. will they be able to tell me if i call them? Sorry new to all this lol
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    03-14-2013 05:05 PM
  4. whatsitsname's Avatar
    They should. You may also help yourself if you would mention what phones you are using now and what is your coverage like. We can then try to infer which network you are on.

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    03-14-2013 05:18 PM
  5. morton8683's Avatar
    Right now I'm using a LG optimus Dynamic. my coverage seems to be alittle spotty but not horrible
    03-14-2013 06:21 PM
  6. whatsitsname's Avatar
    From what I can tell the Dynamic is a cdma phone. Which means you are using either Sprint or Verizon network. This also means unlock galaxy s3 will not work with what you are using now.

    You should call up Straight Talk and tell them you want to move from cdma to gsm (AT&T side). They will send you a "micro SIM" card. I'm not sure if they charge for the SIM card or not.
    Go buy yourself an unlock Galaxy S3 model i9300.
    Once you put the micro SIM card call up Straight Talk to have them activate it. Then all you do is put the micro SIM in your galaxy s3.

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    03-14-2013 06:56 PM
  7. whatsitsname's Avatar
    Also you will much more informative answers to your question if you post it on the carrier/operator section.

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    03-14-2013 07:05 PM
  8. morton8683's Avatar
    Great i will call them tonight and try to get switched over to gsm. and will try to repost this where you suggested
    03-14-2013 07:29 PM
  9. Jamlonger88's Avatar
    So can I take a galaxy s3 and unlock it from att and then use it on straight talk??
    05-12-2013 10:09 PM
  10. valuemeal's Avatar
    I am in the process of doing this now. Just purchased an AT&T SIII and ordered a SIM from straight talk that will arrive tomorrow. I'm pretty sure they no longer offer the microSIM cards but you can still find them on Amazon for around $100. I am just going to cut mine to fit and unlock the phone.
    I did some research and this is what I've found so far..

    In order to unlock the phone you must have jellybean 4.1 installed. You can go to How do I update my Samsung Galaxy S III (AT&T) to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean? : AT&T Cell Phones | Samsung and just follow the steps there.

    Once that is installed you can unlock the phone - Unlock Samsung Galaxy S3 III - How to Unlock Galaxy S 3 III by Unlock Code - SGH-i747, SGH-T999, GT-i9300 has a step by step of how to do that.

    You also have to set up the APN to work with staight talk. From what I've seen I believe this video shows the correct settings : .

    Will post results tomorrow!
    06-02-2013 01:44 PM
  11. Sarai Gainzar's Avatar
    it will work only if the phone is from T-mobile
    a verizon unlocked phone will not work
    07-02-2013 07:13 PM
  12. munkin210's Avatar
    Well I have question for "whatsitsname" you suggested that she purchased the s3 model i9300. Why is that? What is the difference between that and the i747 s3 model? I'm looking to purchase an unlocked s3 because I won't be stuck with just one carrier.
    07-17-2013 06:10 PM
  13. James Daugherty's Avatar
    iT ALSO DEPENDS ON WHERE YOU LIVE IN THE COUNTRY AS TO WHAT NETWORK STRAIGHT TALK USES. oops caps....anyway in North Dakota straight talk uses the Verizon network but in Tennessee straight talk uses sprint for the galaxy 3 but uses another etwork for other phones. its a mess.
    07-29-2013 01:06 PM
  14. heidi wiard's Avatar
    is there a free way to unlock my samsung galaxy note 3: from att or do I have to pay
    05-16-2014 04:53 PM
  15. George Jer's Avatar
    HI I was wondering who told you that a Verizon one would not work I am having problems because there is no att tower in my area and strait talk said I needed a Verizon to make it work right?
    11-27-2014 05:17 AM

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