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    when i get to the screen where it tells me that my data is going to be backed up to a pc it dont even give me time to even read it all before it starts backing up! i saw a box that i guess i was supposed to type something in but i dont know what. so i dont know if its backing up my data or just my apps. i have the full version. help please!
    03-24-2013 04:12 PM
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    I'd agree that there's a poor design in the UI flow once you actually start the backup - it prompts you to enter a password in case you want to encrypt your backup, and if you don't enter anything right away it just goes on its merry way with the backup. Here're a few screenshots to show what's going on:Carbon backup problem-uploadfromtaptalk1364247910961.jpgIf you swipe up from the bottom you'll see these additional settings. At a minimum it always backs up the data for the apps that you select; my preference is to uncheck the checkbox so that it also makes a backup of the app as well. That way you don't have to install the apps again.Carbon backup problem-uploadfromtaptalk1364248147699.jpg
    You'll see here that it shows the total number of apps that you've selected to backup, along with their icons at the bottom.Carbon backup problem-uploadfromtaptalk1364248248307.jpgThis is where you pick the location to store the backup - in my case a PC is not listed since I wasn't connected (and I normally store my backups on the SDCard anyway).Carbon backup problem-uploadfromtaptalk1364248413147.jpgHere's the screen you're referring to - as I noted previously, if you don't enter a password right away, it just begins the backup.
    Assuming that it says that the backup was successful, your data is safe. If you want to test it out, so that you know that you can trust it, just delete/uninstall one of the apps, and then do a restore of just that app.

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    03-25-2013 04:58 PM
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    [/ATTACH]This is where you pick the location to store the backup - in my case a PC is not listed since I wasn't connected (and I normally store my backups on the SDCard anyway).Click image for larger version. 

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    Oddly its because you don't select PC download there. It is completely separate using the app menu. Then you go to their website and do everything you just did on the app except you can't save groups and it doesn't necessarily work.

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    05-07-2013 09:31 AM

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