1. Dan Gandolph's Avatar

    I have a new Galaxy S3 and love it! However, ever since daylight savings time, but syncing has been an hour off. If I enter an appointment on my Outlook Calendar (on my laptop) it syncs just fine with my phone. However, if I set an appointment from my phone, it will sync it to my computer, but an hour behind (a noon appointment on my phone becomes an 11:00 am appoint on my computer). I've set the time zones the same on my phone, my computer, and my google calendar. Any ideas???
    03-26-2013 12:09 PM
  2. neil154's Avatar
    Is the time always correct on web? If you are using the standard calendar app that comes with the S3 there is a setting for your local time in the calendar itself Menu>settings>select time zone.
    03-26-2013 11:18 PM
  3. tamoren's Avatar
    Hi Dan,
    I have the exact same problem, with a different Galaxy model.
    Have you found a solution?
    Would appreciate any assistance.
    04-18-2013 07:58 AM
  4. osmanbo's Avatar
    Same problem have looked all over the net. I've seen several suggestions but now have worked so far. Looking forward to either figure it out or hopefully someone discovering what the issue/fix is.
    04-18-2013 12:43 PM
  5. tamoren's Avatar
    osmanbo, please post if you do figure it out!
    04-21-2013 06:46 AM

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