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    Hello all Galaxy S3 car-dock users! Good new for everyone that has purchased, or is thinking of purchasing an active car-dock here on the Android Central accessory store. We just posted our 1.0 version of the "Dock'n Drive" app. Please go easy on the reviews, give us a few weeks to update whatever you don't like...:-) The app is a continued Development from the well regarded Car Widget that's been available for a couple of years.

    The App is free for a limited time so take it for a spin and let us know what you think? It obviously works with iBOLT car-docks but also with any other holder/mount if you trigger the App and dock mode from an NFC tag. The user can set up to 18 favorite apps, direct dials, widgets etc. as large, easy to see icons. Calling a direct dial is a "1-touch" experience.

    The Dock'n Drive comes with a highly accurate GPS enabled speedometer and Compass. Another good feature is the ability to turn on and off both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when phone is "Docked" and "Un-docked". Imagine stepping into the car from your home or office and the Bluetooth in your phone turns automatically and connects to the Bluetooth system in your car. At the same time Wi-Fi turns off and there's no annoying messages about available networks popping up when driving! When un-docking (stepping out of the car), the process is automatically reversed and Wi-Fi is again turned on and Bluetooth turned off. This is just one example of the great setting alternatives.

    Currently Samsung Galaxy and HTC handsets feature the automatic triggering of "Dock-mode" when used with an iBOLT product like xProDock. Handsets from LG, Sony and Nexus do NOT have the "Dock mode" turned on and offer no "home button" support. Motorola does but you need their car-docks to make it work. The Dock'n Drive app must therefore be started manually or via an NFC tag when using these brands.

    Visit the Google App store and testdrive today! Feel free to post questions and we'll make sure to answer... Have fun! https://play.google.com/store/apps/d...C5jYXJob21lIl0.
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    03-29-2013 09:54 PM

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