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    I want to access music files stored on my Win7 PC using both AllShare Play and Music Player on my S3. Win7 has fairly good DLNA capability (via Windows Media Player and shared libraries therein). In Music Player this works very nicely: top slider of Music Player , "Scan for nearby devices" and it finds my Win7 (via WiFi) as a "Windows Media Player" device, and all the music files I've shared on the PC are listed and playable via streaming. GREAT! Furthermore, instead of playing them on my S3 (the default) I can send them to my Wi-Fi connected WD TV Live box + receiver using the network icon at the top when I'm playing an audio file ... fantastic! Streaming audio located on my PC to my stereo system using my S3 to control things.

    However, when I use the AllShare Play app and check "Nearby Devices", again it finds the Win7 Laptop and if I select it, and choose Music, it ONLY LISTS A SMALL SUBSET OF THE AVAILABLE MUSIC FILES THAT i HAVE SHARED VIA WMP/Win7 in alphabetic order (and scrolling down doesn't show a "more" field). What's going one? The reason I want this working using AllShare Play is because AllShare Play allows you to wirelessly DOWNLOAD files found (not possible in Music Player). Ideas?

    CORRECTION: There IS a "Download.." option in Music Player (in the options menu) ... didn't notice that.
    04-21-2013 08:01 AM

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