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    Within the last week all of a sudden I have experienced the following major stock SMS problems with Galaxy S3 (I've also tried 3rd party messenging apps which didn't resolve the problems). It's impacting anything linked to my contacts, which has always been backed up to my Gmail account. I've even done a factory reset with no resolution. I've selected every option under my contact settings (contacts/contacts to display......I've selected all contacts, gmail.com account, facebook email account, samsung email account and NOTHING works to sync correctly!

    1. When I receive a text message the contact that sent it is now linked to a different contact. For instance, if my contact "Kevin" sends me a text message it comes in under a different contact name "Elin".
    2. I receive FB notifications to SMS. A status update is also linked to a different contact name.
    3. Contact photos from FB are not linking to stock SMS. I've synced from FB to existing contacts and have also synced under phone settings/FB settings/sync contacts and gallery to no avail.
    4. Downloaded FB messenger to try and use this as my default text messenger hoping to resolve the problem but of course it didn't help.

    Still linking contacts to different contact names. To add insult to injury, FB status updates won't display the FB photo. Really confused because FB is linked to FB messenger so contact photos should automatically be there.

    Anyone experiencing this problem or know how to fix? I've done everything possible from a factory reset, reinstalled Gmail account to sync contacts, uninstalled FB and FB Messenger app, reinstalled with no fix. My contacts are backed up in Gmail and all looks fine so I'm baffled that contacts are not linking correctly to anything impacting texts.

    04-28-2013 06:01 PM

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