1. Kayleigh Hayden's Avatar
    for some reason the google app store has stoped working on my phone when I tap on iy it flikers for a second then goes off has any one got any ideas how to fix it plz
    04-30-2013 03:18 AM
  2. DroidXcon's Avatar
    for some reason the google app store has stoped working on my phone when I tap on iy it flikers for a second then goes off has any one got any ideas how to fix it plz
    Hello kayleigh welcome to Android Central.

    Try this settings> application manager> all> google play store> clear data. Then try to reopen the app

    From my Galaxy Note 2 via Tapatalk
    04-30-2013 03:31 AM
  3. scottsimcox's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem. After clearing data it now goes to the TOS and immediately shuts down.
    05-05-2013 03:10 PM
  4. PsLoveMaggy's Avatar
    HI! i was having the same problem and i found the solution (: hope this helps you as much as it helped me!

    Scenario: Im wondering if you could help me solve an annoying problem I have with my Samsung Galaxy S3 play store server. Its been a couple of months now since I tried to access Google play store server with my phone but I keep getting a server error message. Usually, the message prompted on a grey screen.

    I cant remember a time that Id changed anything on my GS3 phone settings thats why Im wondering how I got this error.

    In an attempt to get this problem resolved with my own, I tried to clear the cache, restarted my phone and then uninstalled the updates. But still, it didnt work out. I also contacted the tech support and all they told me to do was the same thing I did, clearing the cache and rebooting the phone. Appreciate if you have any workarounds for this one.
    Follow these steps to fix this problem:

    1. On your Galaxy S3 menu, go to Settings, then select Apps, then All, and finally Google Play Store.

    2. Under Google Play Store, press the Clear Data option and then Force Stop.

    3. Go back to Settings again, and then Apps, then select All, and then locate Google services framework from the sorted list. In case you cannot find Google Services Framework from the sorted list, try to scroll right to the bottom of the list. Sometimes, this item is disabled. If it is disabled, you need to enable it first, so you can proceed to the next step.

    4. Under Google Services Framework, clear data and then Force stop.

    5. Go back to Settings, then Apps, and then All.

    6. From the All menu, locate and select Download Manager and the select Clear Data.
    After doing all the aforementioned procedures, turn off your Galaxy S3 phone for about 60 seconds and then turn it back on. Try to access Google Play Store this time and it should be working fine. If by all means, the above given solution wont solve your problem, please contact the Support Team again so your issue will be escalated to the appropriate support team.

    Good luck! ( How to Solve Google Play Store Server Error on Samsung Galaxy S3)
    06-05-2013 11:01 PM
  5. Jennifer Tapia's Avatar
    My Samsung Galaxy S3 has the play store app and it wont work I click the app and it flickers and this has been going on for a couple of months and I want to download a game.
    06-20-2013 02:33 AM
  6. Sheri Middle's Avatar
    PsLoveMaggy...you are awesome!
    07-12-2013 12:24 AM
  7. elinash93's Avatar
    You can also check under settings, app manager, under the all tab scroll to the bottom. If you see "download manager" there, tap on it and click "enable".

    Sent from my Galaxy S4
    07-12-2013 12:31 AM
  8. Karen Wells's Avatar
    You're are gem, it worked and playstore loads fine now...thanks, you're a fountain!
    07-18-2013 05:02 PM
  9. Angela B's Avatar
    Tsk. Just finding the download manager and clicking "enable" - it was really that easy! Thank You brainiacs!
    07-30-2013 05:27 PM
  10. Winston Moh's Avatar
    thnx very much for the solution.it worked on my phone
    08-03-2013 05:43 PM
  11. Rami Dab's Avatar
    Im having the same problem, im trying to fix it by going through your steps, but i cant seem to find download manager... Also my phone is ridiculously slow because it keeps trying to use google apps. It started because i was on a holiday and the wifi signal was very weak and google apps was trying to update al my apps, and while trying, it started crashing. I thought it would be over when i got a normal wifi signal but now my whole phone is f....up.
    08-23-2013 08:11 AM
  12. Rami Dab's Avatar
    Forget it, i finaly fixed it, i did it 3 times over, i was about to throw my phone in the garbage And it was called just download on my phone not download manager.

    Thx for all the intel!!!
    08-23-2013 08:29 AM
  13. GSDer's Avatar
    Well, it's actually called "Downloads"google app store on Samsung galaxy s3 not working-uploadfromtaptalk1377289561627.jpgToo bad the original posters were just taking a SWAG at the name rather than looking at what is actually shown - probably would have saved you some grief.

    Sent from my rooted, debloated, deodexed Sinclair ZX-80 running CM -0.001 using Tapatalk 2
    08-23-2013 04:29 PM
  14. gman7503's Avatar
    I have the same issue any luck resolving it
    09-05-2013 01:01 PM
  15. GSDer's Avatar
    There are several threads that address this topic which have more suggestions than are in this thread. Rather than reposting all of that stuff here please just read through the other threads:




    Sent from my rooted, debloated, deodexed Sinclair ZX-80 running CM 10.2 using Tapatalk 2
    09-05-2013 04:11 PM
  16. Ruthless Violet's Avatar
    09-12-2013 10:34 AM
  17. Kishore AR's Avatar
    thankssssss uffff i was worried about it... connects fine to google now . no syncing issues
    10-22-2013 10:23 PM
  18. Tonda Thomas's Avatar
    10-03-2014 12:31 PM
  19. BK Lodhi's Avatar
    02-21-2015 05:09 PM

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