1. Vincent Yip's Avatar
    So i have an SD card in my galaxy 3 however when i go to settings and hit storage usage and scroll down it say "insert sd card" The sd card is already inside. I took it out and put it back in and it still say the same thing I turn my phone on and off and the same problem occurs. I wonder if my phone is defective or is The sd card that is having the issue please help.
    05-14-2013 09:05 PM
  2. Raymond Tan's Avatar
    The first thing I would do is insert the card into a computer or laptop and see if it reads it. That way you can tell if it's the phone or the card. You might also try putting another card in the phone, maybe a friends, to see if it's a able to see that card.

    Also if you're using a Sandisk card that may be the issue. Some people have been reporting issues with Samsung devices and Sandisk cards. You can even "google it" to find out more.
    05-14-2013 10:44 PM

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