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    Any way to silence incoming calls but at the same time be able to hear incoming texts? I had this availability on my old galaxy s3 but when I got my refurb replacement...it no longer had that capability...when I mute the volume for calls...it mutes incoming texts too. Can you help me or tell me an app that can silence the ringer but allow texts to be heard...thanks in advance...Peter 860-460-8863
    05-15-2013 12:09 PM
  2. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    Peter, you probably shouldn't post your phone number in an online forum... You never know who might see it.

    Anyway, if you press either of the volume keys, tap on the menu icon (3 dots) at the right end of the slider. This will let you adjust the volume of the ringer and notifications separately.
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    05-15-2013 12:28 PM
  3. Peter Linder's Avatar
    hi there, thank you for the response to my Galaxy S3 audible text issue but your suggestion doing help me with my problem. When I mute the ringer from the side of the phone it automatically mutes the audible noise of any incoming texts. So I can't get any audible notification if the ringer is in the mute mode. Please help me if you can. Thanks, Peter
    05-15-2013 04:41 PM
  4. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    Read more carefully. DON'T turn the volume all the way down with the volume buttons. Just press either volume button once, then follow my instructions above. You can set the notification volume separately from the ringer volume, so you can turn notification volume up, and ringer all the way down.
    05-15-2013 07:46 PM
  5. GSDer's Avatar
    When you press the volume up/down key on the side of the phone ONCE, it'll show this overlayTrying to use the mute function on my Galaxy S3 but still be able to hear audible texts?-uploadfromtaptalk1368679312741.jpgPress the little gear icon on the far right of the volume bar and you'll be presented with this screenTrying to use the mute function on my Galaxy S3 but still be able to hear audible texts?-uploadfromtaptalk1368679415597.jpgwhere you can adjust the volume levels independently.

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    05-15-2013 11:44 PM

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