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    so ever since i got my phone (early january 2013) my phone has always been out of batteries after 4 hours of idle time/usage which is strange.. i've tried searching for answers on the web and had tried to disable all the useless google apps and brightness, power saver, etc and even renaming the gsiff_daemon to gsiff_daemon.bak and still didn't work (tried enabling and disabling wifi but it turns out the same). i've noticed when i check the battery usage. my android system would always be 25-35% which seemed strange to me so i installed 2 battery monitor apps: better battery stats and systempanel app/task manager and this is what usually shows (i took a quick screenshot) please disregard the weird battery usage, i replace it with my second battery which was still at 75% and after an hour i'm about 50%...
    (bought a second battery thinking it was my batteries that were defected but that's not the case).

    anyone know the solution to this? and what's bam_dmux_wakelock and why is it causing my phone to drain? or is it something else that's causing my battery to drain so fast?

    05-18-2013 04:19 PM

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