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    Hey guys. I have a weird issue. I have an app called Playon which streams video using either the stock video player on my Galaxy s3 or Super float pop up video. Whenever I go to pause the streaming video it restarts from the very beginning which is super obnoxious and really makes the Playon app unusable for me. Anyone know why this happens? This is with the stock video player. When I use the super float pop up video app in Playon it doesn't even work it just crashes. I'd like to be able to resume from where I left off when pausing a video. My husband has an s4 and this does not happen to him. His video resumes where left off, no problems. I also wanna know if you think this problem would occur on the galaxy note 2, or if you think it would be fine just like the s4. Sorry to seem so confusing!

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    06-01-2013 08:27 PM

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