1. Davit Pachuashvili's Avatar
    I have samsung galaxy s3 .. a few days ago i have used it in the morning, it was working fine.. then i looked at the battery and it was 17% left so i put it in charger.. after an hour i unplug the charger but the red light stayed on ( as it was still charging ) but screen was not coming on . i opened it, took the battery out and put it back in but the phone was not switching on. it does absolutely nothing, as it is switched off or there is no battery on the phone. it is not a battery for sure as i tried the other one that worked for sure.. also took it to local phone repair shop, they said it may be boot up file corrupted and that is y it is not starting.. i took it to the other one,they said something else ( dont remember) left it there, but they could not fix it. i dont know what is going on with my phone .. i did change a screen about year ago but it worked fine since then .. a few month ago i dropped it in the water, i dry it and worked fine except for headphones, but it was a few month ago.

    can any1 tell me what may be the problem and if it is going to be fixed or not ? phone is from UK shops.. i got it off friend, it's not a contract one or i would have taken it back .

    thank you

    Model : GT-I9300
    06-12-2013 01:49 PM
  2. CR6's Avatar
    Dropping it in the water could've caused corrosion internally, which of course would have taken a few months to form. This is more than likely your problem, but it's hard to say without opening it up to see.
    Hopefully someone else can offer their input/thoughts.
    Good luck!
    (Just a tip: insure those phones folks! It's well worth the money & piece of mind)

    06-12-2013 01:56 PM

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