1. Fetter's Avatar
    I have the Galaxy S3 from Sprint. A friend of mine has the exact same phone as me also through sprint and his stock messaging app has group messaging and the check box in the settings. My friends Note 2 also has it. All these devices are on 4.1.2.

    Does anyone else have group messaging on their stock messaging app in 4.1.2? I've seen it and it works it's just not on my phone even though it's on my friends exact same phone.

    Is there a way to update stock apps such as the messaging app?
    06-14-2013 12:38 PM
  2. Fetter's Avatar
    So I'm guessing nobody elses Galaxy S3 has the group messaging in the stock app? I can't imagine my two co workers are the only two out there.
    06-17-2013 01:53 PM
  3. toogood2u03's Avatar
    Im having the same exact issue -- I don't know anyone else on Sprint with the stock group messaging feature but a gf of mine has what seems to be a stock group messaging feature through Verizon on her GS3, version 4.1.2. She also has an settings/options for group MMS enabling in her stock settings section.

    I see no reason why I need to download a 3rd party app or root my phone to access a programming capability that Sprint did not include in their Touchwiz programming but Verizon did -- or I'm assuming this is the case.

    06-26-2013 06:21 PM

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