1. Farhad Taran's Avatar
    I bought a samsung galaxy s3 lte I9305

    it was locked to orange.

    I downgraed to 4.1.1 to orange france firmware. unlocked it using the UMTS option.

    I put my vodafone simcard in, it says not registered on network. so I cant make any calls but the vodafone data service works and I can use the vodafone data service to access the internet.

    I get the prohibition sign instead of the signal bars.

    could the phone IMEI be blocked?

    when I get the IMEI using *#06#

    I get the imei plus an /01

    has the IMEI been tampered?
    06-17-2013 04:18 AM
  2. Zaitz's Avatar
    In my opinion it is not imei blocked, this wouldn't allow a connection to any network & there isn't a problem with the network unlocking.
    The /01 is normal, the forward slash is considered silent in relaying the imei code.
    Highly unlikely the imei is tampered with.
    I'm going to assume that France is your place of residency, if not obviously use correct region firmware.
    Try downloading firmware from another source, also/or get a MD5Checksum (google it, tiny free software) to check the download is complete/correct.
    I would suggest to run a 'Factory Reset' i know it is fresh firmware, but worth a try.
    If all else fails your could look into 'Rooting' your S3 (SuperUser/Admin privileges). if you decide to flash a custom rom the problem maybe fixed with the new os, or if you just have SuperUser on the stock rom then download the correct modem, radio, pda.. (these terms are not quite the same as their common definition when in relation to smartphone software), they are more data related but a few small things there could effect calls.
    If still not fixed... might be faulty Sim card.. Actually, maybe you should start there. 8-)
    07-19-2013 08:59 PM

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