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    I accidentally found a way to over come the unsual battery drain. This method may not work out with completely worn out - old batteries. A month after I bought my s3, my battery started to drain excessively. I had installed no new apps..Phone Usage was almost the same. Before the battery drain I got almost 26~30 hours of battery at normal use... after the battery drain I got less than 12 hours for the same usage.So here is the method.Put the phone on charge. After puttting it on charge, switch off the phone... u can restart it after twenty seconds... ideally wait till the phone cools down, if it feels hot... don't use the phone till it reaches 100% charge. This method works for any initial charge. I.e. it works when the battery is at 98% or at 1%. But if u try this method when u have 1% and u keep using the phone while charging, this method may not work... so ideally don't use the phone while charging.*So now I do this everyday and my phone lasts for 26~30 hours on normal use.I used gsam battery monitor pro to monitor my phone's temperature and battery usage.It also gives the average number of hours the battery will last.For those who dont know : Ideally charge the battery when it is leas than 10%. This will increase the overall battery life.
    P.s. it works for me. Don't complain if it doesn't work for u!!*
    Kraadhagaa aka sivakannan
    06-17-2013 11:48 PM

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