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    I just had an issue with my S3 that was driving me nuts. I am posting a solution in case anyone else comes across this problem. Everytime I opened the "Gallery" I would get a message that read "Shell has been granted Superuser Permissions" I would then try to open a photo and I would get the message a second time, then the gallery would crash and I would be back at my homescreen.

    1. First back up any and all photos! This will wipe/delete photos
    2. Go to Menu>System Settings>Application Manager>All>Media Storage>Clear Data
    3. You will have to reinstall your photos that you backed up.
    Problem solved, no more crashing Gallery

    I thought I had fixed the problem, but unfortunately it came back as soon as I rebooted and the SD card Populated. Which meant that there was a corrupt file reintroduced. So, not wanting to wipe my SD card (I have a 64GB and a lot of files and photos) I narrowed the issue down to a Photo file, since only the Gallery was causing a crash. I started deleting photos until I found the culprit, no more "Gallery Crash".
    06-30-2013 10:15 PM

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