1. mydamdroid's Avatar
    This annoyance happens intermittently.

    Someone sends Me a text from a cell number. On my message list it shows up as what appeagrs to be some generated sequential numer for each reply. So if I open the first message and reply, each subsequent reply has this numer but increases by 1. For a long conversation I can end up with a gazillion (sorta);-) messages.
    Annoying as...

    Separate issue. Ref reply to my text with someone using a BlackBerry. The reply I get is a very long one. I.e. 1 of 5. On top it has the person's reply. Then a lot of space. Then showing my cell number as mynumber@att.txt.net. and the words "sent using my blackberry."

    Have had my galaxy 3 for 6 weeks and just started this.

    Help Me Will Robinson!
    07-07-2013 01:03 PM
  2. mssca's Avatar
    Just want to ask, did you rebooted the phone by unplugging the battery and putting it back in? I was able to fix a similar issue like this by doing that. (I had an issue with notification not dissappearing)

    Posted using Samsung GS III
    07-07-2013 03:22 PM

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