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    Back when I use to have a jailbroken Iphone the main reasons i jailbroke the phone was because of the ability to customize the phone for everything. I had a battery that was shaped like an airbag at one time and it was pretty popular back then. and I was able to change the carrier name and other things like that on the phone. my question is, is there an app/widget to do this on the android system?
    07-14-2013 10:13 AM
  2. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    There is much customization that can be done in Android without rooting (more or less the Android equivalent of jailbreaking). I don't know of a way to change the carrier name without rooting, however. Someone else may know of a way.

    What kinds of customizations do you want to do? If you can give us some specifics, we might be able to point you in the right direction.

    If you decide you need to root to do what you want, or just want to root for other reasons, there is something very, very important to keep in mind. Not all Galaxy S3s are the same. The international version is very different than North American versions, and different carrier versions are all different. Using a root procedure designed for one version of the phone on a different version can cause serious problems, including the potential of bricking your phone, which turns it into a very expensive door stop. Flashing an international ROM on a NA phone, or vice-versa, is guaranteed to hard brick your device, and flashing the wrong carrier version can do so.

    If you decide you want to root, go to the rooting subforum for your specific device, and read and ask for advice there. If you find instructions or ROMs on other sites, or on Youtube, don't even think about using them unless you're 100% positive they are intended for you exact model and carrier version of the S3. We see way too many bricked phones because people just don't pay attention to what they're doing.
    07-14-2013 11:16 AM
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    I'm not needing anything performance wise so I really didnt want to root my phone but if that is what it takes I have a couple people I know that can do it for me rather than me messing up my phone. lol but there was a widget on the jailbreak that I did on my old Iphone that would turn the battery icon on the top of the right hand side of the screen into an airbag. then when I would charge my phone, the battery would be the pic of an airbag. I do a lot of automotive work with custom vehicles so it was nice having something like that on my phone. and the whole reason I finally switched from apple to android is because of the customization I can have with android. I just thought it was odd that with so much ability to customize my phone already that there isn't a widget to turn the battery icon into something different already.

    and I have the sgs3 on verizon not rooted. I'm gonna look up some stuff in the rooting section. Im not familar with what a rooting does, because ive always had apple products in the past and finally saw the light and converted over to android.
    07-15-2013 11:03 AM
  4. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    I don't think it's possible to change the icon that appears in the status bar without rooting. (If you root, there are literally thousands of different battery icons you can use, but it may require a bit of technical knowledge to get them there).

    There are, however, hundreds, if not thousands, of battery widgets that you can place on a home page. I didn't see anything that looks like an airbag, though.

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    07-15-2013 05:48 PM
  5. unclejames1's Avatar
    ok thanks. I think I might root my phone and try it. I always like learning new things and tricks on my phone. so I'll try that thanks for the help
    07-16-2013 04:37 PM

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