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    I've read through multiple forums and can't see to find what I'm looking for:

    1 - Using multiple chargers, my phone will come in/out of charging while connected. I receive the BEEP notification for both connecting and disconnecting (even though the phone or charge cable isn't being touched). At times, it does this in fast succession (BEEP...BEEP...BEEP...), which tells me there is something wrong with the connection within the phone. I literally have to unplug or move the charge cable around to get it stop. Interestingly enough, as long as the cable is plugged in the phone will show charging... but it won't necessarily charge. It's a crap shoot. Again, happens with any charger device I'm using (home, office, car).

    2 - Most concerning is that if the phone gets a sudden bump, it will immediately turn off requiring me to completely reboot. Yesterday, it was propped up on the kitchen table and literally just fell over and it shut-off. At work, I dropped it from my my hand to the desk about 3" and it shut off.

    I'm guessing that I've probably dropped-kicked the phone by accident and loosened some type of connection within the phone that is causing all of this to happen and that I'll have to send phone off for repair (who does that, my Verizon store?).

    Any thoughts?

    07-21-2013 07:20 AM
  2. GSDer's Avatar
    - don't drop your phone: it doesn't like that
    - sounds like the charging port is screwed up. If not for the other problem, I'd recommend just getting a wireless charger and ignoring the problem with the port altogether. Or get a couple of batteries and an external charger and swap them around.
    - shut the phone down completely, remove the battery and then reinstall everything, making sure you press down all around the back when you put it on again. If the shutdown problem still occurs then either contact your carrier (if you have insurance) or Samsung.

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    07-21-2013 10:29 AM
  3. Ann9711's Avatar
    I have kind of the same problem with my star n9500. Basically it's giving me problems at charging. It never fell off or anything like that... the home button hasn't worked anymore for some time now (I think a few months) but I managed to replace its use with an app. Problem is that now I have problems while charging, I plug the cable in and it doesn't start immediately to charge, or better, the display says it's charging but the level of battery remains the same. In fact if I unplug the phone it gives me the alert "battery is low" or something like that. Then after a "struggle" I manage to have it charged but I'd like to find a solution.
    Do you think it's probably a hardware matter?
    Second question, with regards to wireless charger, what kind of type should I buy? Is it compatible with Samsung for example? Does it need an adaptor or something? Or is it already "ready" for a wireless charging?
    ps. I've already replaced the cable and the charger plug itself, I also tried using my brother's S4 charger, it worked the first time but it didn't the second... and it also does not charge if plugged in a laptop... once it charges, the other doesn't... I hope I'm clear...
    Thank you for helping out
    07-20-2014 03:57 AM

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