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    THINGS WON'T WORK. Designed don't know how.
    Should I root? What is advantage? How can I clear "system cache" as my dog suggested?
    Contacts not syncing, icons on desk top jumping/hopping like fleas.

    Somehow managed to import 38,237 Contacts into my phone. However, problems are
    Phone working VERY SLOW.
    I just backup contacts (using Super Backup" that says 27,738 to back up

    However using "Contact Remover Plus" (play store-COOL DUDE!). IT TOO sees only 27,738.
    However when I "Find Dupes" ---including all *SUB* of those contacts, it counts up. 154,369 (TOTAL).

    Last time I upgraded phone (TOTAL LEGIT--had 6,000-contacts)--Lady looked at me like an Insane man--said "6,000 Contacts??" (as if saying "REALLY")
    I said Yeah, I do lots of Networking.

    I'm thinking if I go BACK IN with 154,369--even if I try to say "Yeah, my crew"--she won't believe me.
    you know how stores are---they just BLOW UP the phone.

    One friend, I have 27-Distinct Contacts for him *MY NAME* has 22. Yet others only One (that's good news).

    FFS! *NOW* "Contact Remover Plus" (suppose it's just "TIRED": has "GIVEN UP"--now it won't "Search for Dupes" anymore (Just crashes).
    I also have "MERGE" (that blue thing)--however let it run 48+ hours---didn't work.

    Might wait until tomorrow---think the "Medicine" is about to Take. "Comfortably Numb"
    However, SERIOUSLY--I really need help with this equation for Contact Reduction., and someone to take me how to *ROOT* my phone without BRICKING IT.
    Actually, favorite phone ever (Samsung Galaxy 3)

    *OH*--and this is JACKED UP---I'm in the middle of "POWER CYCLING": the "ZeroLemon" 7000mAh battery. Says I need *SIX*(6)---SIX power cycles.l...FM
    Who are they "MAIDEN"--(6)!! Power Cycles....thus the trick with "TIMING" (contact dupe finder).

    Actually to think---I just need these contacts gone (except my 6,000 homies).

    So, in addition to my Medicine taking/about to fall asleep at comp.,, Need Root Help. Contact Help and this JUMPING LIKE FLEAS help on my "desktop"(all 5-of them).

    LEAST THE DOG--has not eaten (aten?>) my MOE"S--BURRITOS--I lfet in the Den--HE'S JACKED COOL LIKE THAT...Filet, whatever won't go for it.
    ODDLY--the *ONLY*--*ONLY* food he stole when I turned my back? "Jimmy John's"--I leave Pizza, Burritos, Nacho's, Philly Sandwich, Steak Sandwiches...NONE..hasn't touched.

    Let the den..go to kitchen---come back--look on Coffee Table (said "I'm *SURE* a Sand which resides here before I left)---looked UNDER the Coffee table (thinking might have spilled it). NOPE
    Look at PUP in corner---*HE*S* enjoying the Dinner night out with Jimmy John's

    It's all cool though--YOU CAN'T MEAN A DOG--FOR BEING A DOG--ya know? It's their nature to "ROOT" for food. However *ODDLY* he snatches the COLD?NO SMELL Ham/salami/SWISS
    ONLY THING HE JACKED--*EVER*--SEVEN YEARS--Right now, asleep in Den--waiting for me to go eat--think I will before falling asleep

    Rally do need help though.

    07-30-2013 07:05 PM
  2. AndroidAndMe's Avatar
    07-30-2013 07:20 PM
  3. msndrstood's Avatar
    I see, you're an excitable kind of person.

    Sent via Note II
    07-30-2013 07:30 PM
  4. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    Have you been drinking? Any change you went into Settings (in the Contacts app) and tapped "Merge with Google"? If so, don't do that again.

    Were your original 6,000 contacts synced with Google? If so, here's what I'd do. Go into the Application manager, scroll down to Contacts storage, and Clear data. This will, I believe, delete all the contacts from your phone. Now go to Settings, find your google account, and tap sync all, or just sync contacts. Hopefully, that will bring back just your 6000.

    If your 6000 were not synced with Google, I'm not sure what to tell you.
    07-30-2013 10:23 PM

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