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    So I've always had my music on iPod but recently had to change it to my phone.
    I'm having a problem which is the music album covers on the songs are displaying the wrong artwork.
    Thing is I have the tags all correct and I know the artwork is there.
    The thing is, the wrong artwork is only displayed for certain song which follow the rule:

    Example: Artist is Eminem Album Name: Eminem Now most songs have the same artwork( the proper one) but certain songs have a different album artwork.

    Every other album is fine but it is only with songs that have the same album but different artworks.

    My problem is that I want the music player to display the proper artwork. how do i fix this?

    all the tags are proper, all the lyrics are there etc so i don't need an app that fixes artwork

    All my music is on the external sd card but it doesn't matter as I tested in internal, same thing happens.

    Also only mp3 show lyrics in my music player, not the google play music app but the music player doesn't show lyrics on m4a. I even converted the m4a to mp3 and the lyrics still do not show even if I add lyrics to them. What's the problem? I never had these issues with a Ipod.
    08-22-2013 06:37 PM
  2. magic31's Avatar
    08-22-2013 09:29 PM
  3. magic31's Avatar
    damn you mother****ers are useless
    08-23-2013 08:30 PM
  4. GSDer's Avatar
    We're all playing our music on iPods

    Sent from my rooted, debloated, deodexed Sinclair ZX-80 running CM -0.001 using Tapatalk 2
    08-23-2013 09:58 PM
  5. Umnik192's Avatar
    Try another player that supports cover arts and lyrics. There are plenty of them. The problem might be in you app or in the programm that you used for converting from m4a to mp3.
    08-28-2013 04:06 AM

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