1. Miguel Gomez1's Avatar
    i had a blackberry and sold it i moved my sd card on to my s3 but now i cant create files on my sd card using my phone or move files from internal memory to sd or delete files on sd card so pics are saved to my internal memory -_-'' as well as my songs and videos help!!! i will move my sd files to a usb and then back to sd and see what happens
    09-01-2013 12:56 PM
  2. itic's Avatar
    connect to PC. Remove everything from the Sd card to PC. Once blank reinsert SD card and have the S3 format the card for use in the S3.
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    09-01-2013 01:02 PM
  3. GSDer's Avatar
    In the meantime you should consider using something like Cloud Drive: http://market.android.com/details?id...uddrive.photos (or any cloud solution of your choice) to backup your pictures/videos. The SGS3 has been known to be very fickle when it comes to SDCards, often destroying them along with their contents - I just don't want you to get bit by that problem. YMMV.

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    09-01-2013 05:20 PM
  4. Miguel Gomez1's Avatar
    I think i will put it on cloud asap
    09-02-2013 10:20 AM
  5. josiahlikesminecraft's Avatar
    That's a great idea.

    Posted via Samsung S3
    09-02-2013 10:26 AM
  6. Golfdriver97's Avatar
    I think i will put it on cloud asap
    How old is the Sd card? They do war out as they age, so if it over 2 years old, I would consider just getting a new one anyway, and transferring all the saved data to that one.
    09-02-2013 10:42 AM
  7. GTWalling's Avatar
    Just a thought. Did you use encryption on the Blackberry or at work. The SD Card could have been lock by the Blackberry if yes.
    09-02-2013 12:31 PM

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