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    My settings in the EMail app is configured one gmail account using POP setttings and set "When accessed an Email" - Delete never from server.
    In my Gmail account in PC ->settings ->POP/IMAP Port forwarding->POP Enabled and "When messages are accessed with POP" -> Keep Gmail's copy in Inbox

    Now the scenario is I receive a new E-mail and I see that in both my Phone Email app and PC Gmail.When I refresh the "sync" button in my Phone, thenew Email gets deleted but stays in my PC.
    As I know in POP, the EMail will get stored in the m/c once accessed.So why it is getting deleted from my phone even before I read that ? It should stay in my Phone as it is POP and get downloaded in my Phone.

    Any ideas?

    09-06-2013 09:27 AM

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