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    Have you ever been tired with managing personal information across your different platform of phones, such as your contacts, messages, calendar, photos, etc.? If your answer is "Yes", you just need spend a little time to know about a fantastic sync tool "LabiSync".

    LabiSync is a quick and easy-to-use solution to instantly sync and manage your contacts, calendar, sms, call logs and photos over-the-air between your phones, tablets and your PCs. Now Android version has been firstly launched in Google Play. The IOS version will be soon launched in App Store. And development for other versions like WP8 and BB10 have almost been finished.

    ♦ Screen
    [APP] [2.0]即时同步,备份,恢复工具 - LabiSync-1.jpg
    ♦ HOW TO USE:

    Take android version for example.

    ♦ FEATURES :
    • Quick and easy to use
    • Sync everything
      Sync almost all your data in your phones: contacts, calendar, SMS&MMS, call logs and photos.
    • Sync Cross-platform
      Data updates on any device, other devices will automatically stay in sync.
    • Backup & restore important data
      Backup & restore phone data, such as contacts, calendar, SMS&MMS, call logs and photos.
    • Secure and Safe:
      Keep your data with protection in recycle bin, modified history, and multiple backups. Instantly & securely backup important information. Never worry about losing mobile data again.

    ♦ Enhanced features with paying members:
    • Mass storage
    • Backup for more time and restore from earlier time
    • Export phone data, such as contacts, calendar, SMS and call logs.
    • Other additional services: No Ads, Priority Support, Get Early Release, password lock on apps, etc.

    ♦ Download
    Android version:
    LabiSync website
    LabiSync - Sync Everything, Any Device

    ♦ Bug or suggestions
    If you found any bug, please report here or contacts us: support@labisync.com
    We are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions.
    09-13-2013 02:00 AM

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