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    I have a GS3 which I am extremely pleased with. I have been beaming video files to some friends on other GS3's with no problem for the past 6 or so months. One of them now has the GS4 Active which is very cool, but I have not had any luck trying to transfer over files over to him. The devices make the connection and begin to transfer, but then I get an error msg saying "connection failed". I literally tried this about 10 times to no avail. One thing I kept noticing was that as soon as the transfer starts, the wi-fi turns on both phones (which does not happen with the other GS3). A co-worker also has a GS4 active and the exact thing happens when I tried with her. I actually tried it over a wi-fi connection and, of course, it worked fine. But I should not need to do that. I cant understand why it keeps happening specifically with a GS4 active. Could it be the active's stock protective case?

    Thanks for any input..
    09-23-2013 10:23 PM

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