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    Apologies for posting this here...but I could not see a forum for Galaxy Y

    Here's my problem....

    I have finally bought a simple smart phone; the Galaxy Y. I only want it for texts, a few phone calls ( which I had with my very old Nokia), to take simple photos, upload some of my music and listen to the radio.

    I have kept my old Virgin Pay As You Go tariff. In the first week I have seen the balanace is going down 1 a day, plus whatever I am spending on texts. Why should this be ? Am I connected to something by mistake...and how can I turn it off ? I live a bit out in the sticks and can't get back to the shop for a while

    Any ideas would be really welcome...including pointing me to where I should have posted this


    Rob Kilby
    09-24-2013 02:35 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    Apps that are set to refresh data automatically (like Facebook, Twitter, news apps, etc.) will access the web intermittently, and therefore contribute to data use. You can usually go to the settings of each app and change the refresh interval.

    Google's Location Reporting can also use extra data, because it causes the phone to transmit location data to the Google servers periodically. This is used primarily to report your location to others on Google+ (with your permission, of course). As far as I can tell, turning it off doesn't really affect any other location-based services. Turn it off by going to Google Settings (in the app drawer)/Location, and turn off Location Reporting.

    If you turn off mobile data completely, then there's no way it can use up your data credit. Unless you need mobile data on all of the time (and most of us don't), install a good toggle widget like Power Toggles, which will let you turn mobile data on or off with one touch on the homescreen.

    You can also have your phone monitor your data usage by going to Settings/Wireless & Networks/Data Usage. There, you'll see a graph of your data use over the past few weeks, and you can usually select options to alert you when you reach a certain threshold.
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    09-24-2013 05:08 PM
  3. Chris Miller14's Avatar
    Hi I'm on Virgin give them a ring on 789 and change you're tariff to big texts and data it saved me loads of money

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    09-24-2013 05:58 PM

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