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    So I have a 7 month old Samsung S3 mini which was pretty cool to begin with. But the other day the battery was dying and when I plugged it in to charge it there was no response. I continued typing my message, seeing no other visible signs of damage but the battery continued to die and no matter what I did there was no charge loading. Eventually the battery died and the screen went black so I put it on charge overnight thinking that would be fine. But the next morning the phone wouldn't switch on at all. I sent it in to Samsung thinking that the battery pack was faulty or that the plug needed to be replaced only to be told that there is an internal crack on the LCD and this must have been caused by dropping it or knocking it against something.Can a cracked LCD really affect the battery and power of the phone?
    09-27-2013 07:24 AM
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    Frankly, Samsung's statement about the LCD being cracked seems like a cop-out to avoid repairing the phone under warranty. You didn't mention any visible cracks in the screen - were there any?

    The LCD issue and the battery issue are probably unrelated, unless the phone got dropped while it was plugged in - that could damage the charging port. Without knowing more it's hard to say.

    You have a few options:
    1. Try a different charger/cable
    2. Purchase a wireless charging solution
    3. Purchase an external charger (and a 2nd battery) and swap them in and out
    4. Assuming that the charging port is bad, you could have someone replace the faulty part (iffy at best)

    Obviously the first hurdle is to get the battery charged. Once we do that we can go on to getting it to boot up.

    Edit: take a look at http://forums.androidcentral.com/sho....php?p=3099015

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    09-27-2013 11:47 PM
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    +1 to above.

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    09-27-2013 11:53 PM

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