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    My Galaxy S3 just received 4.3 through Kies and I can say that there are a few problems.

    My phone is plugged into my normal USB on my PC. When I view Settings/More/Battery it displays the status as 73% Not Charging but I can view the file system over the USB.

    Possibly related error message popped up saying Battery Disconnected when the phone was at about 78% charge level.

    Another error is in settings for the Lock Screen in some conditions the Swipe Options menu is grayed out after changing between Pattern and Swipe. It is currently set to Swipe and the menu is not grayed out, but it had been.

    In the time I took to write post this my battery is now at 70% and reports Not Charging. My usual routine is to plug in the phone to the PC for the night, but this time I wonder if I am going to have a dead phone in the morning if I leave this connected? Is this a new system that prevents charging unless the battery is below a certain level?

    Update after less than 10 minute total I am now at 69%…this seems to be allot quicker than normal.
    12-06-2013 01:17 AM
  2. tweazer's Avatar
    Update: I tried using Kies to initialize which stalled part way through through so I reset via the option in the phone and then re-ran the initialize function of Kies which left the device in a new state with 4.3. The device is acting normal 24hr in.

    4.3 is a nice upgrade for this phone but the Battery Disconnected error is still a mystery.

    I'm going to blame all the other errors on myself. I've had some USB problems with with my current motherboard. It is time for a PC upgrade.
    12-08-2013 02:41 AM

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