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    Hi everyone,

    The problem my phone is having began after I enabled international roaming for a trip I took last week. I've attached a screenshot of the notification Handcent gives me every time I open a conversation in the application, which is a long string of just the letter d. I know, odd. I have found no threads about others having this problem.

    The weird notification only disappears if I go into the status bar and hit clear manually every time. This can get really irritating when I'm receiving a lot of texts.

    I use an unrooted GS3, have tried restarting the phone, as well as uninstalling and reinstalling Handcent. Any ideas what I can do?

    Thank you so much for the help!!
    Attached Thumbnails Hancent SMS keeps creating nonsense notifications-screenshot_2014-01-03-12-23-02.png  
    01-03-2014 03:06 PM

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