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    I dropped my phone today WITH a screen case / cover on so the screen did not break. When I first opened it it seemed fine. When I looked at it again half hour later pink started to spread from one corner of the screen and the colour on the remainder of the screen is muted. Now the screen is totally pink and I have blue spreading from the corner. I think by the morning the screen will be covered.

    Is the phone finished? Is there anything I can do? I have saved all contacts to the sim and the phone is still fully functional though visibility is diminishing.

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    01-05-2014 04:37 PM
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    You can probably get it repaired, but it's probably cheaper to get a new or a used handset to replace it. A bleeding display doesn't stop bleeding with time. It could be stable or get worse, but it won't get better. Changing it would be advisable. So would backing up your data and contact ASAP, so if it dies, at least your data will be backed-up somewhere.
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    01-05-2014 05:17 PM
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    http://m.repairsuniverse.com/samsung...ent-white.html (be sure to get the correct colour for your phone).

    And disable any Pattern/PIN/Password until you resolve the issue.

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    01-06-2014 01:15 AM
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    i have the same problem with my mobile, i dropped it on hard floor, after that pink or purple color is spreading from a corner and now full is covered. phone still can be switched on and switched off easily. but the worst thing is i can not use touch screen, screen does not response when i touch the screen or press any key. I don't know i have lost one front panel, Digitilizer or something else. Can you please help me ?
    02-09-2014 07:10 AM
  5. GSDer's Avatar
    Can you please help me ?
    Welcome to the forums.

    See the link in the post prior to yours - be sure to get the correct colour for your phone. Note that this is a Do It Yourself repair - if you want someone to fix it for you it'll be much more expensive: you could try http://mobiletechvideos.mybigcommerc...epair-service/

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    02-10-2014 01:06 PM
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    If you dropped your phone and there is something not working with your screen,
    it is very possible that your screen lost contact with the motherboard.

    Every component is connected with the motherboard by a tiny plug.

    It is a very easy and FREE repair and even a 12 year old kid could do this.

    Check the youtube videos how to open your phone.
    Remove the cover and make sure all the plugs are connected by pressing them towards the motherboard.

    All the best

    If you really want reach your dreams...
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    11-17-2014 10:21 AM
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    I dropped my note 4 this morning too. It slipped out of my hand and went smack, face down, on wooden floorboards. The touch sensor on the bottom half of my screen isn't working anymore. Even worse, after I took a long exam this morning and checked it again, there were purple, paint-like splatters all over my screen. I couldn't turn off or restart my phone, so I took the battery out and put it back in, but that didn't help at all. I hope there is a solution too, otherwise I suppose I'm going to have to go to the Samsung store to get my screen replaced...
    05-21-2015 04:19 PM

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