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    I have a verizon wireless 16gb Galaxy s3. I recently updated to android 4.3 a few weeks ago and ever since then my phone has been having problems, first they started out simple with apps crashing and a simple uninstall and reinstall for the troubled apps would do the trick but now the problems have started to grow more severe. A few days ago I mix and matched a usb cable (that I have used before with my phone) and a power plug that i normally charge my phone with and immediately my phone began experiencing severe problems that have been continuing for several days now. My phones battery is draining at a very fast pace and it will only work with certain chargers now. When I plug it into my computer it is no longer allowing me to use it as a mass storage device like i used to be able to do and that is causing a big problem for me because I wish to backup my phones data in case it conks out on me any day now. Other problems I have been having are that the phone is constantly restarting by itself. Another is when it is locked the screen for me to input my pin constantly pops up and sometimes when my phone is turned off it will say that it is plugged in and charging even when it is not. Last night I got extremely worried because my phone turned itself on and began going into factory mode and I panicked not wanting my phone to brick and pulled out the battery. Another problem my phone is experiencing is that due to the battery draining at a fast rate my phone has nearly died on me twice, once it reached %5 power i turned it off but after I plugged it in and went to turn it on again the phone would not turn on and it would just vibrate about every 5 seconds as if it were attempting to start but could not, to solve this I held both the power button and home button and then it did turn on. All of these problems are concerning me a great deal, I believe they are stemming from some sort of battery problem but I am not quite sure. The phone is just over a year old and it is under an insurance plan but I am not sure if the insurance can cover me in this occasion. If anyone can offer me any assistance I would greatly appreciate it.
    01-07-2014 04:42 PM

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