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    So, my daughter 14mo, likes to chew on my phone and I havent had issues with this, but this time I did. At first last night the touch wasnt responsive, but after some playing around and pulling out the battery a couple times we got it up. Initially it was a little slow, but finally started working as normal. Well except things looked fuzzy to me, but my wife says she couldnt tell. After an hour or so I woke it up and noticed a green horizontal line and a few others that came and went. The screen seemed dimmer and was clearly fuzzy more noticeable in the notification area. Powering it off and on you would see a lot of lines, then after another hour or so I did a reboot and the background of the Samsung logo was now blue when it is normally black and the verizon logo was having all kinds of lines including green. I put it aside and then tried to wake it up a couple hours later, I noticed the back around and settings buttons near the home key light up and I could see the blue notification light, but nothing displayed. I pulled the battery, heard the startup music, but same thing. Somehow I took a picture because the flash shot on and I heard the snapshot sound. I tried doing download mode without the device connected to a PC pressing Volume Up+Home+Power, nothing. I tried breaking it down hoping that I could dry it out if there was moisture or maybe reconnecting a cable, no luck. Any ideas, is the digitizer just shot? Some have said the sensors, but they seem fine, I believe these are the two little circles to the left of the front camera. Screen is not cracked and when I boot it up I cant see any image at any angle. I am guessing she bit it with some force as she has 8 teeth and can bite pretty hard. Thanks in advance, and no insurance I bought this for $180 from Craigslist to replace my lost phone, it has been great for the 7 months I have had it. Thanks for any help.
    02-13-2014 01:43 AM
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    Most probably this is a hardware problem and none of us can be sure what the exact problem is. It may be the sensors, or water damage or even a burnt or unplugged IC. The best advice I can give to you is to take it to a phone repairing lab and having a professional look at the device as without being able to physically see the phone it is very difficult to assess the situation. However, if it were me and I had to take a shot in the dark, I would say it has been water damaged. Usually that just burns a few circuits or components (many of those which can be easily replaced).
    02-13-2014 04:58 AM
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    Sounds to me like it's the screen assembly - here are a couple of sources for the part, and you can probably find cheaper parts on eBay, etc:



    It's also possible that there's additional moisture damage but you won't find out until you take it apart and replace the screen. In the meantime you could treat it as though there was water damage and remove the battery and immerse it in a sealed bag of rice for a few days.

    When I reviewed the User Guide I didn't see use as a teething ring listed...

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