1. Eme twyuan's Avatar
    I have just updated my samsung galaxy s3 this afternoon from android 4.1.2 to 4.3..
    Before going to android 4.3, my phone working very well and I love my phone so much!
    But after I have download it, my phone start to become weird..
    As in my battery suddenly become 4% and when I start it(mostly shut down and charge) it become half tank..
    It make me keep on restart it again and again which had continue 6(and above) times..
    I have check internet for a lot of information and help.. but I can't understand how..
    My phone will be ok for a pass few minutes and suddenly it hag and won't respond...
    Can anyone please help me? I really don't know what to do...
    Will it be ok? what can I do to make my phone become normal again?
    02-13-2014 07:31 AM
  2. VidJunky's Avatar
    I probably won't be the last person to say this but after a major update, if you have bugs, a factory reset is the cure.

    What can you expect from a factory reset?
    You will have to set up your email, accounts, and apps that use saved data again. There are backup apps at Google Play but they won't save your user name and password or log in information for apps. The only way to have that data saved is to root, but in order to root you will loose all of that info anyway.

    Google Play will save your app list under my apps and those can be easily reinstalled.

    MyBackUp Pro is the only app I know of that claims to backup your screen layouts and phone settings, but there may be others you will have to read descriptions. Meanwhile, MBUP is a paid app but they offer a trial that should be enough for you to get through a FR. This app will also backup you call log and your SMS and MMS conversations if you choose to keep those. Again other apps will do this but you will have to see what each has to offer.

    MBUP will save your photos and videos as well, however Google + will also save these, and in a normal FR these shouldn't be touched unless you choose to wipe memory as part of the reset. It is not necessary to wipe the memory to restore your device. FR shouldn't erase anything saved on an SD or saved on memory partitioned as SD, but using a backup if you are unsure is the safest way to go.

    Your contacts should be saved either through your SP, Google account, or SIM card provided you've back them up prior to the FR.

    Most importantly however a FR will clear any remnants of your old OS (4.1) and fully reinstall your new OS (4.3) and should return your phone to working order.

    02-13-2014 08:16 AM

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