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    I'm on my 3rd GS3. I'm tired of paying $150 to asurion lol! My first GS3, I had the $30 otterbox case on it. It protected my phone for quite some time from many drops off ladders at work. Once the case fell apart, I dropped my phone quite a few times and the glass screen has a lot of cracks in it, but the phone is still quite usable. So I ordered a new GS3 once my first one took a dive from my shirt pocket into a mop bucket at home. Surprisingly, even though the phone was completely underwater, I pulled the battery, dryed it off as much as possible and put it in rice for a few hours. Turned the phone back on and there was no damage. The camera lenses were a little foggy but that cleared up after a few days. The only real damage is the microphone is toast. I have to basically scream into the mic for the other person to hear what I am saying.

    So the new GS3 came in. I was gonna get a case the next few days. I was playing papa pear lol, next thing you know, my shiny new GS3 slips right out of my hand onto the concrete! I picked it up and the screen was flickering and pinkish purple! The touch screen was unresponsive but the phone would automatically connect to Bluetooth and start playing music whenever I got in my car. The Bluetooth functions continued to work while the screen became almost all black over the next two days.

    So I took it to sprint and they told me to call asurion. Sprint said the LCD was damaged in the fall. Sooooo, not even a week later, I plunked down another $150 to Asurion for another phone. I don't wanna break this one! So, will you guys please recommend the best case that protects against drops that also may come with a belt clip?

    Also, not related, but after I ordered the phone from Asurion, I thought about asking them to send a HTC ONE instead of a GS3. Do you guys think they would do that?
    02-17-2014 01:57 PM
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    Most of the carrier-specific sub-forums have an accessories sub-forum (not sure why there's not just one accessories forum off the main one here, since the exterior specs are identical, but whatever) and I'm sure if you read through those you'll get some great recommendations.

    Why didn't you just get your Otterbox replaced? Those folks seem really on top of it if people have problems with their cases?

    I doubt that Asurion would give you an HTC One unless you were having problems with the S3 replacements they had been sending you, which clearly isn't the case.

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    02-18-2014 05:45 PM

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