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    I have sgs3 ,modified with rooted, was trying to setup home wifi access point with netgear wgr614 ,which was able to connect with pc and sgs3...but
    pc was getting intenet and sgs3 was not . After searching for help in net I tried with changing the dhcp to static ip address. and other method but did not work.My router setting for glb502t was PPoE , and sgs3 would show screen with no google ,yet connected to wifi,....finally tried bridge method in router modem(glb 502t) and the netgear wgr614
    was modified with user id with pass- word in that was given by my ISP . with assigning the lan setting ip address to -- subnet and use router as dhcp server ticked---- worked well and now I am able to connect more devices on the same net with good speed.

    My be this can help some one finding wifi issues with samsung mobiles.
    03-28-2014 11:24 AM

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