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    I'm looking to buy a new sd card for my phone. My first one died back in early 2013. after reading about how s3 fried sd cards I decided against buying a new one. Here we are in 2014 and I haven't seen any recent forums about the s3 still frying sd cards.
    has this issue since been resolved or is their a specific card to buy or precautions to take.

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    04-02-2014 12:48 AM
  2. Denisew 1972's Avatar
    I'm so glad you brought this topic back to the forefront. I have been wondering the same thing since I still have over 6 months until I upgrade (if I upgrade at all). I bought a Samsung brand 32g card around Christmas and couldn't get it to accept the copied music from my laptop to play on my phone. I assumed it was the same issues, put my 16g back in and am riding on max capacity (less than 1g free space) again. My brand new 32g I bought now sits in my Canon camera working flawlessly. I still think the issue is phone and not the SD Cards but I'm curious to see the responses you get from others & what they are using that works! :-)

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    04-05-2014 10:10 AM
  3. mcstev3's Avatar
    I've done a lot of research. And so far what I've found is that most brands 8gb + have been getting fried by the phone. I haven't seen to many problems with the Samsung brand. Also, did you try to format your new sd? I've read that being that problem also. Right now I'm testing a 2gb San disk
    if Any one can report about Samsung cards that would be great (that they work properly and permanently)

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    04-06-2014 05:27 PM
  4. GSDer's Avatar
    I have a 32GB Samsung SD card and haven't had any problems with it; but I also haven't tried doing anything useful (encryption; loading apps; loading music) like I had done with my original SanDisk 64GB SD card. YMMV.

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    04-06-2014 05:47 PM

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