07-30-2019 07:31 AM
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  1. Dwyandriod's Avatar
    I see a few reply to this problems and it does not make any sense I just completed an updated (whenever I get an up date somthing goes wrong with my phone) now this one annoyed me I have battery which I carry so as to preserve my phone battery all worked perfect until my update while still connected to the charger the phone still discharge so I can not use the phone while it's charging any more even my wireles charger can't keep up with the drain while charging , seem that the upate reprogram the current regulator to charge at a lower rate which is not enough to sustain use and charge is it possible to reverse this update or get a fix???
    02-12-2017 08:01 AM
  2. DungTra's Avatar
    I have the same issue. I had my Galaxy s3 and the battery for 3 years. I was using my Galaxy s3,It was at 100% and drop to 18% in less than 2 hours!
    07-14-2017 11:14 AM
  3. madam Roche's Avatar
    have you gotten it fixed my cell has the same issue
    my Samsung Galaxy s3 has bn put away for a while I took the battery, out my ph is fine bt I find my battery is swelling it holds charge bt wn I remove battery to put it away I seem to hve to recharge all over again. cn any1 hlp me &cud sme1 pls tel me hw much a nw battery will cst and frm wea?as a last resort .thnk you.
    05-25-2018 07:48 PM
  4. akakpaws's Avatar
    Hello, this is my first time creating a post, I know that this is a reliable website to be in therefore I will state what is wrong.

    Lately, my Samsung galaxy S3 has been dying very quickly. Also, while my phone is charging, the battery is still draining. I tried turning it off and I gave it half an hour, turned it on and it went up to 35%. It is currently still charging and its on 31%. Anyone have an idea on what the issue could be?

    Posted via Android Central App
    pI had this problem with my SG3. In my case the problem was that the tab in the charging port was shorted out to the outer housing of the port thereby shorting out the battery. This situation is not uncommon if you use chargers other than the one supplied with the phone, which can easily damaged the tab inside the port. So the battery discharges quickly and the phone won't charge because of the short circuit. After removing the battery I manipulated the tab back to the center more or less of the port with a pin. After that I connected a very short USB cable to The port and connected it to the charger through a male to female USB cable. it took a couple of tries to get the short cable inserted properly so that there was no longer a short at the Port. once I got the short cable properly inserted Everything magically went back to normal. The phone charges up to 100% within 1 to 2 hours and discharges normally rather than after what had been well under an hour to completely discharge. It is awkward having that little USB cable hanging off the phone but it doesn't interfere with the way that I use it. if this is the problem you are having the only other alternative I can think of is to have the port replaced. The upside to that is the replacement port will probably work better with chargers other than the one that came with the phone. Good luck!
    01-11-2019 06:43 PM
  5. ninnmus's Avatar
    I have currently got this problem but use a custom kernel to resolve it. Boeffla is good however it has been shutdown, you can download Linaro builds still. I could link a mirror to the Kernel Config (I'm new so cannot do so yet) where you could use to raise the charging speed. I put mine all the way up and it now charges like a normal phone should.
    07-30-2019 07:31 AM
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