1. dwightrholmes's Avatar
    I really really need to make these calendar reminders shut up!! I don't want to turn reminders off - I just want them inaudible. But even when I put the phone on mute, and everything else cooperates, the calendar reminders come through loud & clear, can be very embarrassing during a meeting!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    This is a Samsung Galaxy S2, with Credo service that runs on Sprint's network. Thank you!!
    04-18-2014 02:15 PM
  2. meyerweb#CB's Avatar
    Might have better luck in the S2 forums: Samsung Galaxy S2 - Android Forums at AndroidCentral.com

    But try going into settings in the calendar app itself. There's probably an option there to turn notifications on or off, or select the specific notification (e.g., Silent) you want.
    04-19-2014 10:14 AM

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