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    This morning my phone worked fine, the battery died and I plugged it in to charge as usual. After an hour or so I noticed that it had frozen on the the screen you see when first charging. The empty battery with the little circle. This did happen once before about a week ago, but after i unplugged the phone it disappeared. When i turned it on, it had actually been charging and was working fine. Today it is stuck until you take the battery out, then when you try to turn the phone on it is stuck on the lock screen.

    I have read about for fixes,volume up, home & power then clearing the cache. When this failed I cleared the phone from the same menu. When plugged into the computer, it is not recognised and sticks on the charge screen. This means I can not reload the firmware through Kies. Any other suggestions for things I can try would be very appreciated. Thank you.
    04-21-2014 11:38 AM

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