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    Is there a way of copying only shortcuts of photographs to a new folder/album? I am looking for a way to organize my photographs so that I will have my photographs showing both in the DCIM folder, and in several photo albums. So for example if I went to a vacation to Italy I would like to have a folder called "Italy 2014" with all of the photographs taken in Italy, but also have all of those photographs showing in the "DCIM" folder. What I am trying to avoid is having 2 copies of those photographs in the 2 folders, because that would be using twice as much memory. The ideal would be creating shortcuts of the photographs in the new album, and keep the originals in the DCIM folder. Is there a way to accomplish that (with or without an app)?

    Thanks in advance.
    Max Strano.
    05-22-2014 02:32 AM

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