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    Will Samsung be able to fix my Galaxy S3?
    I was trying to bring the phone back to stock ROM and ODIN failed on me.
    I tried pretty much everything and Odin would keep on failing. I tried to emergency recover it in kies but Kies would say, "connecting" and never connect. Thinking this is a USB Driver issue, I took it to Samsung Experience store to get it repaired. However, they could not restore it.
    (***** THE PHONE WOULD GO INTO DOWNLOAD MODE but NOT the Recovery mode.*****)

    So the phone turns on but can't go into recovery mode but CAN go into download mode. Odin just screws up on me. (Is this a soft brick?)

    So the guys at the Samsung Experience store asked me to send it to Samsung to get it repaired. So I called the Samsung guys and he told me that "Reflashing the phone" is free of charge (even though my phone is out of warranty btw). But I'm worried that "reflashing" is the same thing they tried at the Experience store. So I'm thinking they would try the same thing the guys at the Experience store and fail.(Then charge me to do some other option.)

    So the question is,
    1)Would they be able to restore my phone without having to do an expensive method?(replace motherboard or something)
    2) Will they still do the repair? (My phone was rooted but I heard the root record gets deleted when you try to put a ROM through ODIN)
    3)I still want to fix my phone even if it costs money. So how much do you expect the repair fee would cost if they cannot recover by software means?
    4)How long does the repair take in general? I need this phone back ASAP

    Man this sucks..... I bought this phone for 200 dollars at Textnow like a month ... It would definitely cost less money to repair than 200 bucks right?
    ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED. Please help me out!
    06-07-2014 06:30 PM
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    How is Odin failing? Can you provide the exact log from Odin?

    Which model/carrier/firmware?

    Can you provide a link to the specific firmware that you're trying to load?

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    06-07-2014 06:52 PM
  3. sdw8253's Avatar
    Hey, I've already sent it to Samsung ._.

    But, could you give me any idea if they can fix it without replacing anything physical? (I'm just worried I'll have to pay **** ton of money trying to fix the phone.)
    Just to remind, the phone does get to download mode. So, they will PROBABLY fix it without replacing anything right?
    PROBABLY not 100% right? :P

    Thanks anyways.
    06-08-2014 12:51 AM

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