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    Two questions:

    I recently got my glass replaced for my S3. As a result, there is reduced sensitivity to my touch screen which is very frustrating and has reduced the speed of my communications considerably.

    Everything I read indicates this is a repair problem, but the repair guy says I just need to do a factory reset. Before I do that (and erase all my apps and data as a result), I'd like to know if this is likely or if he's just messing with me to avoid fixing the problem.

    Also... my phone is rooted. Any issues doing a factory reset on a rooted phone that I should be aware of?

    07-31-2014 06:27 PM
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    Welcome to the forums!

    IMO replacing just the glass =
    In case you're not aware, there are three layers to the display assembly:
    - the glass, which protects the other layers
    - the digitizer, which interprets touch inputs
    - the AMOLED display, which, uh, displays stuff
    The glass is glued to the digitizer, so in order to get it off you have to heat it up until it gets delaminated. That's a pretty iffy proposition: if you heat it up too much you can damage the lower layers; if you don't heat it enough you run the risk of damaging the lower layers when you try to get the glass off. Do you see a common theme here?

    I'm not saying that the repair person did a lousy job; just, given the risk/benefit ratio, it's not something I would do myself (or pay someone else to attempt).

    The best option is to have the complete screen assembly replaced, but for a new part it's ~$125 (uninstalled). You can find less expensive parts online, or get a used one, and if you're dealing with a reputable seller it's probably a safe bet.

    However, you can buy a BRAND NEW Moto X (a much newer phone, with great specs/features) for a little over 2x the cost of a new screen assembly (this is the off-contract price). There's also the Moto G if you don't quite need a top-of-the-line phone. (Disclaimer: there is at least one person that gets pissed that I even MENTION a non-Samsung solution in the Samsung forums - whatever! It's just one possible solution to the problem. You could probably find a refurbished S3 for ~$200; you could buy a used one for much less - there's lots of options.)

    In answer to your second question - there's nothing to worry about in performing a Factory Reset on a rooted phone. It won't mess with root, or your custom Recovery software (if present) - it just formats the /data partition. Be sure to wipe the system cache in Recovery mode when you do that.

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    07-31-2014 08:50 PM

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