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    I have a Galaxy S3 running 4.4.2 KitKat and I heard people saying how Android Launchers are so great to have and use. I installed the Google Now Launcher just to check it out (also heard great things about Nova). I went to bed with my phone at 76% and when I woke up it shut down because the battery got too low. Usually if I leave it like that for the night....without it plugged in a charger...it may lose 5% or something like that...but to die? I'm wondering if I didn't install the launcher right or do I have to do something else to the phone? It's not rooted or anything.

    This happened before.....I got an app that would let me customize what app would open up when you double click and click the home button. When I installed that....my battery drained very quick....so I plugged it into the charger.....when it was PLUGGED IN it went from 70% to 40%. I uninstalled it and it went back to normal. This seems to happen when I get anything 'customization' on my phone.....am I doing something wrong?
    08-09-2014 12:25 PM
  2. B. Diddy's Avatar
    I wonder if the "Ok Google" hotword detection of the Google Now Launcher might have been the problem--although it should only be active if the screen is on or if the phone is charging.

    It might be worth reinstalling Google Now Launcher and then wiping the cache partition to see if the drain continues: http://forums.androidcentral.com/sam...2-s3-tab2.html

    From my experience, Nova Launcher does not drain battery significantly.
    08-09-2014 07:58 PM

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