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    This is killing me, please help.....I have a galaxy s3 model GT-I9305T so its pretty standard. Got it through telsta 14mts ago on contract in AU. All was fine.Then last week, the battery is full, all's goodBut as the battery gets down to 50%, the screen starts to flicker and both cell and data signals fail showing the circle with a line through it, then a second later the phone displays the sim lock password stage stating no service, after a second the no service nite goes away so I then have to reenter my sim password which gets me back in and have to wait a few min for the phone to get the signal back, this then happens about once a minute and within 5 min the phone will die. Although once the flickering starts if I plug in the charger all is fine. Means my phone is only good for half the battery. What's going on?? Please someone say they have had this happen, I see a lot of threads about bad battey life but is this more than that?? HELP
    08-12-2014 07:07 AM
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    Sounds like your battery is shot. You could try the spin check to see if it's bulging; you could try running it down completely and then turning the phone off and recharging it fully (to reset the battery calibration data); or you could just invest in a replacement battery:

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    08-15-2014 01:00 PM

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